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Planetary Ascension

Our planet Earth is experiencing, for the first time, a truly historic moment that has never happened until now. Our Earth is ascending. This means that the vibrational level of our planet has been skyrocketing since the early 2000s.

A pre-ascension phase took place a hundred years before. A phase that was supposed to be mandatory in order to prepare the astral for the great transformation to come. Since 2010, the Earth has reviewed its multidimensional structure and the laws that make up our game of incarnation have been modified. Unheard of.

We are currently experiencing a truly historic moment on a universal scale. The entire universe is impacted by a single planet that begins its ascension process. And this planet is ours.

You are now receiving
The New World Divine Care.

We are dedicated to Planetary Ascension. Because of this, we allow a large amount of multidimensional intervention for the matrix in which we are incarnated. You are part of this matrix. You are therefore receiving, at this moment, a series of interventions which consist of assisting you in your individual ascension process.

We are currently working on your physiological, etheric, emotional and mental matrix. We also intervene on your current environment as well as on the various aspects of your personal life (family, work, places of life, relationships, etc.) Simply welcome. This respects the laws of ascension in force.

Our Divinity oversees all of the interventions that are granted to you at the moment.

Allow . Breathe .

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*** We are only do events and broadcasting in French at the moment. ***

Mercredi le 8 février 2023

11h (Qc) | 17h (Fr)
Transmission silencieuse
avec participants sur Zoom et diffusé en simultané sur YouTube

13h (Qc) | 19h (Fr)
L’École du Nouveau Monde
avec participants sur Zoom et diffusé en simultané sur YouTube

14h (Qc) | 20h (Fr)
Questions & Réponses
avec participants sur Zoom et diffusé en simultané sur YouTube

Mercredi le 9 février 2023

Aucune diffusion

Lundi le 13 février 2023

24h d’interventions en conscience hors d’ondes (non-diffusé)
Pour tous. Accueillez. Recevez.

Live Events

*** We are only do events and broadcasting in French at the moment. ***

IN PERSON EVENT (in french)
At ALMA (Canada)

Upcomming  |  1PM to 3PM
453 Rue Sacré-Coeur Ouest, Alma G8B 1M4
(Namasté Studio de yoga)
Offered as a free contribution

Test care, transmission, personalized care
and Q&A period.

Bring your chair or blanket and cushions to be comfortable on the floor.
Bring your water and your snack.
We start at 1 p.m. Door opens at 12:40 p.m.

You can park for free in the surrounding area.
You don’t need to take notes or record.
Cell phones are prohibited during the event.

The event will be streamed live on Zoom and on our YouTube channel.
Accompanying persons and children are admitted. Pets prohibited.

No registration required.
Just show up at the door.

(Note that the event will be canceled if snowstorm.
Any changes will be posted on our website as well as on the YouTube Community.)

Welcome everyone!

Karl & Marie
Rose, Émile & Flora

Zoom Room Access

Elevate your experience by participating live (open camera) on Zoom.
Welcome everyone!

*** We are only broadcasting in French at the moment. ***

To participate live on Zoom

Access to the Zoom room :
ID : 674 674 8100   Secret Code : DWC2pQ

Searching for accommodation

We are constantly looking for accommodation, whether in Quebec or elsewhere in the world. Therefore, we want to build a bank of offers. If you have the call to offer us a home, we invite you to fill out our small attached form. We will contact you as needed!

Thank you to all of you

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Karl & Marie do not give any medical advice or diagnosis. The interventions provided by Karl & Marie do not in any way replace the treatment of a healthcare professional.